Your water is analyzed and all chemicals balanced each week. We clean your tiles, strainer and skimmer basket, vacuum and/or brush your pools walls and floors as needed, skim the surface and clean your filter as needed. We inspect your pump and other pool equipment and alert you to any problems we see.


Price adjustments based on:

  • Size of pool
  • Age/condition of equipment
  • Screened or open-air
  • Chemical demand of pool
  • Surrounding trees, shrubs, vegetation
  • Access to pool
  • Location

Ever Clear Pools requests that pets be placed inside the home or otherwise secured on service days. We do our best to guarantee your pets safety while servicing your pool but we cannot be responsible for pets that escape during our service call. As well, we will not service your pool if “guarded” by an unfriendly dog left unrestrained. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding household pets.


The services detailed above are for a minimum of 48 cleaning days per year. If your service day falls on a holiday we will make every attempt to work it into another service day that same week, however we may not always be able to. As well, some weather conditions or vehicle or equipment circumstances beyond our control may also cause a missed service day periodically throughout the year. Most pools are serviced 52 times per year


From one day a week to all seven days, we outline a plan that keeps your pool at its best, keeps your customers happy and keeps you in compliance with Florida State guidelines for Commercial Swimming Pools. We take our job seriously and we guarantee that you’ll love our dedication to your pool.

Most of our current commercial accounts started with another service first. They switched to us because they weren’t getting the quality they were paying for. We deliver what we promise, week after week, year after year. We will be the LAST pool service you’ll ever need.

Call us to discuss your needs. We’ll come out at your convenience, inspect your pool and equipment and provide you with a quote that fits your budget.


– During summer months we need your filter system to run at least 8-10 hours each day of the week. All the chemicals in the world don’t help stagnant water stay clear.
– Please make sure we always have a clear path to your pool and equipment. We pull a service cart with us so please try to keep our pathway clear of obstacles.
– Please make sure HOA guard houses have us on your list.
– If we alert you to a problem with your pool, we’ll try to impart its degree of severity and importance. For situations that cause eratic water quality (leaks, pump issues, filter, etc.) we request that pool owners deal with the issue in an expedient manner. We’re only as good as your pool system allows us to be.
– Leaking pools pose major water quality issues. We cannot guarantee water clarity when your pool leaks. We can’t guarantee that we can keep it algae-free. If you are adding more than 1 or 2 inches per week during a dry period, you may have a leak. We verify that by performing stabilizer measurements (which typically only drops due to excessive drag-out or water loss). If we notify you of a suspected leak please be aware that the quality of your pool may be jeopardized until it is resolve.